Announcing "Another Day: A Compilation for Japan"

Posted Dec 26 2016

Following the catastrophic events that occurred in Japan on November 22nd 2016, 20 artists from around the globe got together in an effort to help the Japan Earthquake Relief Fund.

  • Count Vanderhoff
  • DJ Ends
  • 0h85
  • Morgantics
  • Lil Slugga
  • Køntøur
  • B3no
  • 1H9!N
  • Endloskosmos
  • Sp3dnar
  • Snacks
  • HOOT
  • Mondaine
  • bahnhof::zoo
  • DComplexity
  • Bonnie Danza
  • 209 Sins
  • Zwan

Today, we proudly present you "Another Day: A Compilation for Japan", the accomplishment of this mutual effort of musicians and visual artists.

A special thank you to Tanner aka HOOT for providing us with this amazing artwork!

This compilation will contain 19 tracks, and will be released January 2nd, 2017. Follow us on Facebook to stay up to date with this amazing project.