Bahnhof::zoo - F**K Soundcloud

  1. Crazyyy 04:06
  2. Talk'n Bout Anything 03:19
  3. Over U 04:07
  4. Without Yr Music 03:42
  5. Nuffn On U 03:19
  6. Kanye West - New Slaves (bahnhof::zoo quick & dirty juke remix) 3:39

This EP celebrates bahnhof::zoo leaving Soundcloud after two years of intense use. He got a takedown notice for putting out a remix of Kanye West "New Slaves".

So here are some tracks that used to be available for free download on his Soundcloud account, including a previously unreleased track called "Talk'n Bout Anything" along with the infamous "quick & dirty" remix of "New Slaves" as a bonus track.

Catalog #: BFZ::006

Released Feb 15 2016