Bahnhof::zoo releases 18 track compilation of old school songs

Posted Aug 28 2017

bahnhof::zoo presents "Early Daze", a collection of tracks from his Amsterdam period, spanning from early 2014 to mid 2015.

This 18-track compilation explores the roots of bahnhof::zoo; flavors of jungle, drum & bass and UK Garage intertwine with the early footwork and juke experiments of the Chicago-based producer and DJ. This release also includes a previously unreleased track called "Back In A Daze", a cut from his very first EP "Beginner's Luck".

More than a simple compilation of tracks, this release was put together by carefully exporting, remixing and remastering each individual track from the original Maschine projects.

Available now as a pay-what-you-want on Bandcamp !